National Team

The premier national league, the 2016 season promises to be the best yet. Amazing venues and best teams all battling for the top spot in their divisions. 

Check us out at the local events or national series dates above!

At Warped they can prepare you and your team for Tournament play. Stop in and see all of the tournament grade paintball markers they have on display. If it’s winning in the circuit it is on their walls and ready for you to take home.

- Event #1 Season Opener
  4/2-4/3 Louisville KY

- Event #2 Music City Open
  5/14-5/15 Smyrna, TN

- Event #3 Nap Town Open
   7/16-7/17 Westfield, IN

- Event #4 Gateway Open
  9/24-9/25 O'Fallon, IL

- Event #5 Championship
10/22-10/23 Louisville, KY


Warped Sportz

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NXL Paintball


2016 ScHEDULE 

Take a closer look at the team that competes on the national level. 


2015 Season

1st Place D4 PSP Dallas Open

3rd Place D4 NXL Great Lakes Open

4th Place D4 CPL Event #1

6th Place D3 CPL Event #1

6th Place D4 CPL Warm Up

7th Place D3 PSP Dallas Open

8th Place D3 MSXL - Indy Open

8th Place D4 CPX Spring 3 Man

10th Place D4 CPL Event #1

11th Place D4 NXL Virginia Beach Open 

12th Place D3 NXL World Cup

12th Place D1 PSP Dallas Open

14th Place D3 NXL Great Lakes Open

15th Place D4 PSP Dallas Open

17th Place D2 PSP Dallas Open

2014 Season

PSP D3 Ranked 4th Overall

2nd Place PSP Dallas Open

1st Place PSP MAO

3rd Place PSP Chicago

9th Place PSP West Coast Open

12th Place PSP World Cup

Local Events

1st Place D3 CPL Event #2

2nd Place D3 CPL Event #4

3rd Place D3 CPL Event #3

5th Place D3 CPL Event #2 Black Line

7th Place D3 CPL Event #1

6th Place D4 CPL Event #1

11th lace D4 CPL Event #2


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Chicago Warped Paintball

- NXL Event #1

  March 12-20 Las Vegas, Nevada

- NXL Event #2
  April 29- May 1 Dallas Texas

- NXL Event #3
  June 24-26, TBD

- NXL Event #4
  August 12-14 Cleveland, Ohio

- NXL World Cup

  November 3-6 Kissimmee, Flordia